Teenology Founder, Sarah Newton

 Teenologist, Futurist, Speaker, Writer, Teen Expert.

Sarah Newton

I am a film addict, cake-loving, Disney-obsessed whirlwind (here one minute gone the next).  I spend my day stalking teens, thinking about the future, stalking more teens, speaking, writing, coaching,  thinking about the future some more and getting geekily obsessed with new technology or a new breakthrough concept.  So I guess you could say I am 40% dreamer, 40% geek and 20% stalker. I have over my 25 years in this field shared my wisdom with millions who have tuned into my TV and Radio shows, read my books or listened to one of my thought provoking talks. I work tirelessly to support young people plan futures that propel them forward and I am obsessed with  youth culture and support other youth professionals to have more Impact and Influence in this field.  I can often be found wearing a superhero cape, talking about The Hunger Games and using the metaphor of story to get my message across. I love Heroes and Heroines, I slay Dragons often, love cake and have a huge shoe collection. 

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Sarah’s Work Has Been Featured In…

Sarah's Work Has Been Featured In...