Teaching your daughter Self Love

Self- love, it really does have a hippy, 60’s feel about it. It’s one of those words that most people shy away from because it sounds nauseating or we really don’t want to admit how much we do or don’t love ourselves because we can’t be seen to do it too much or to little. It’s like there is a perfect amount that none of us are aware of. As a child I was often told I had far too much self-love or loved myself to much, which consequently as an adult had me questioning if it was too much (Hint… it can never be too much).

They one thing I wanted most for my own children and I think what lead me into the work I do was that I wanted them to love themselves just as they are, in fact I want every child to have that because you know what? We all deserve that.

So what can we do as a parent to make sure we raise a child who’s full of self love?

  • Be the role model.

Your child is watching you all the time. Watch what you say about yourself, the small things you say everyday about yourself and your body will be the things she takes on board. Speak to yourself the way you would like your child to speak to herself, look after yourself they way you would like your child to look after themselves. Be the model and she will follow.

  • Say nothing but loving things to your child.

Believe me I know this is not easy; in fact it is the hardest thing to do. I always think how I would respond if someone other than me said that to my child and if it is furious I go and apologise straight away. We wouldn’t let someone else judge our child, tell them they were wrong or too much or not enough, so we shouldn’t be doing this ourselves.

  • Every day, let your daughter know one thing that you love about her and have her tell you one thing she loves about her.

This was a bedtime routine for the longest time in our house and sometimes went on forever, and she also made me do it which was fun. Create a home where it’s OK to say what we love about ourselves, where it’s OK to big yourself up and where it’s OK to show off and be too much.

If you want to learn about what I think about self-love, watch this video.