Daily Study Habits

Today we are going to move onto the final piece in my Dare to Bright formula and it is I believe the easiest; it is where the work gets done and the exams get passed. It is Daily Habits; I know, it sounds so easy right? And it is the actions that your child takes daily that will be the things that ensure they get the best grades. We often think of study as huge big pieces of work and while often it is, it can be small daily actions like,

Reading over notes on the way to school

Getting tested by the family after dinner

Eating foods that fuel the brain

Getting enough sleep

Taking some time off each day

For each child the Daily Habits will be different and for each situation these habits will be different, but what I generally do is to work with a child to come up with 5 daily helping habits, clearly things they can do that will help them get great results.

When working with your child to discern these, it is best to use the concept of helping habits and hindering habits; pretty self-explanatory really.   When you also start talking to your child about the habits they have that might be hindering study, they really start to get this concept. Examples are staying up late, eating chocolate while studying, not drinking enough water, having a phone in the study area. Oh, and a word of warning here, they must come up with them and be committed to them. If you come up with them I can bet you that they won’t happen – these will become things that cause arguments.

My advice is to keep it easy and simple. Remember, it only takes about 30 days to create a new habit, so once they have the first lot of habits ingrained, why not start again with another few and keep going. Before you know it your child will be a study monster.