The World Won’t End When High School Does!

In our high school years, there’s a constant pressure to make sure you look pretty every day, have a date to every dance, be popular, etc. But none of that matters when you graduate.

I once had this waiter and he talked to me about how he was such a ladies man, how he was so popular in high school and all this jazz, and yet he was a waiter at a restaurant. Popular people usually brag they’re gonna be something big one day, and yet this guy is a waiter.

Not that there’s anything wrong with waitering, but you see my point? Being pretty and popular gets you nowhere. It may matter to you while you’re in high school, but take it from someone who’s been there. None of it matters.

I wasn’t popular in high school. I wasn’t a complete loner, but I wasn’t popular. I got bullied quite often, I had gone through a lot in my four years of high school. Guys trying to get with me, rumors, and some personal stuff as well.

But after I graduated, I barely saw anyone from high school. It was like all my friends had dropped me and I sank into a deep depression for about 3-4 months. It was awful and unnecessary.

Of course you can’t control your emotions, but still. For me, it was mostly the fact that I had no friends, no job, and nothing to look forward to. I knew I wasn’t ready to graduate because I didn’t know what I was gonna do after high school and that scared me. So when it ended, I crawled into a hole and it was very difficult for me to find my way back.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t make such a big deal out of high school. Because the only people that’ll care about your high school experience is colleges. And all they’ll care about is your grades and extra curriculars. Not how popular you were or if you were dating the football player.

So just have fun. Be your own person. It’s hard, I know, but just figure what you do and don’t like. Join clubs, take up a hobby, try to make friends. Because even though you’ll probably never see anyone you meet in high school again, you shouldn’t suffer through high school alone, because guess what? Everyone is just as nervous as you. Whether they admit it or not