How did I get all that media attention early on?

I am often asked how I got started in the beginning, how I got the attention I got for my business; I mean, going from nothing to a TV series on a main TV channel in 18 months is something even if I do say so myself.

People often say I was lucky or maybe I was just in the right place at the right time but it was more than that.  It didn’t happen by accident. Being the first youth coach into the market back in 2001 I quickly had to find a way to get noticed and educate people in what I did and why they needed me. It was tough in the beginning; I had no one to teach me, no one to show me the ropes and no one to break down the steps for me. However, I set some big goals, made a plan and meticulously executed it.
Here is what I know made me stand out then and still rings true for anyone today who wants to grow their business.

  1. They say something that no one else is saying.

I coach LOTS of coaches in this field and when they come to me they are ALL saying the same thing and while their message and motivation cannot be faulted, these messages will not get the attention that they need. They are the same old messages, but you need stand up, whack me between the eyes kind of messaging! And I can spot this a mile off; I can turn messages from blah, blah, blah to brilliant. I have done it again and again in my business and for the clients I work with.

  1. They are truly confident in their message.

They stand firm in what they believe; they know why they believe it and they will not falter. Believe me, when you are on live radio you had better know your opinion and why it matters. This isn’t about aggression or confrontation, it is all about knowing in your soul what YOU stand for, why it matters to the world and being able to articulate that in a way that other people can understand.

  1. They have authority.

It is all well and good being different and having a message, but if you don’t stand firm in that you are dead in the water. You need to claim your authority in this arena; you need to stand in it with integrity, knowing that YOU are the best person for the job. This is not easy and it takes guts, planning and a lot of inner work. I know how exhilarating and petrifying stepping outside your comfort zone can be. And I have some unique ways of supporting others to do it.

  1. They capitalise on their experience.

OK, I am not going to lie to you, when I had my first LIVE radio appearance I was swamped with calls, 160 to be exact and I wasn’t ready for it. At that point I was unaware of the power that the media could have on my business. I learnt my lesson and after trying several different strategies and stumbled upon the very best way to capitalise on the media experience. We don’t want you leaving money on the table and we are going to make sure that doesn’t happen.

And I also know that this isn’t easy; finding what makes you unique and stand out can be challenging to say the least. I read something the other day from a marketing expert that said we didn’t need to be different, we just needed to get on with it and while in a way I agree with her, I also think that is fine if you just want a practice with several clients. However, if you have bigger dream and want to change the hearts and mind of thousands or millions, then her concept may not work.

We are bombarded with information and people trying to sell us things and most we ignore, unless sometimes it pricks our curiosity. What pricks our curiosity? Well if you look on the internet the answer would be cats and while I think that is true, I am not sure how much that helps you!

In all of my years doing this, here is what I have found.

  1. Humour always pricks our curiosity, so if you are natural funny person, use it.
  2. Innovation – something new, different or revolutionary tends to also have people sit up and take notice.
  3. Controversial – this is where I thrive – if you say something no one else is saying or say it in a way no one else is saying, it people get interested.
  4. If you can save them time, money or stressful situations – people are always looking to save money, time and their precious health, so if what you do links into that, perfect!

To me this piece is so important that it will form an integral part of my Dare to be Different programme.

So I urge you to discover your own point of difference and think about which or any of these categories your message and work might fit into.







If you are really ready to step up your game in 2016, the Dare to be Different Group is for you.