Be a coach

I always remember early in my coaching career trying so hard to be a coach, trying so hard to get it right, to do the right thing and to move the client forward. I had a conversation back then with, in my opinion the first and best Master Coach in the UK about the difference between new and Master Coaches and she said, “Master Coaches turn up with no plan and just be.” This sounded a bit strange to me at the time; why would someone pay for me just to turn up? Didn’t I have to try hard and do all the right things and fill in all the right pieces of paper? Over 5000 client hours later, several certificates and countless clients, I realised something.

I was at a school with 9 clients back-to-back and I just sat there as the girls came and went. They came in, I said a few things I was noticing and they left again. I felt in the flow, connected and at ease. It was in that moment that I realised I had become a Master Coach, my own little Yoda so to speak. I didn’t feel stressed, I hadn’t done any form filling, I hadn’t turned my clients around in one session or set massive targets. What I recognised is that I, Sarah, had turned up and truly saw and connected with the person in front of me. For the first time ever I guess those girls felt seen and heard and not judged. And if that is all they take, then what a gift that is. Most of us never experience that in our lives.

I love this work and the more I ease into it the more I learn to love it. I think a big part of the work I do allows coaches to ease into their greatness, which is in my opinion greatly missing in some other training. I can teach you coaching tools until we are both blue in the face, but to teach you to be you and the all the amzingness that entails in front of a client, that is a magic. And you know what; I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you make that happen J

What do you need to ease into the flow?