A jumpsuit changed my whole business.

Well, not exactly last night, but certainly over the last few months. Maybe the title should read how a jumpsuit gave me the best business advice ever!

Let me tell you the story.

I became obsessed with a Whistles jumpsuit and I mean obsessed. The only thing is it was £220, which felt like a huge amount for me to spend on a jumpsuit. I ummed, erred, sought advice, asked what others thought – none of the sort of things I ever do. All this research led me to this book and as I read it, I realised that my soul was calling for the jumpsuit. This jumpsuit was calling me to step up in my life and my business.

So I bought the jumpsuit, I wore it around the house I even stroked it a few times – no really I did!

I signed up for a course with a coach who I love, which really opened up my business in a new way for me. I am now at the end of a huge re-branding and re-positioning with some funky new programmes on the way. I have decided I like luxury and I love been around beautiful things. I have rediscovered a part of myself I thought was missing. I have rediscovered my business and I have rediscovered my passion.

All because of a jumpsuit and I have learnt that my intuition doesn’t always seem logical at all.

So I can honestly say a jumpsuit did save my life and all the new changes you will see around here and are because of a jumpsuit I dared myself to love and want.

So, my challenge to you. Think of something that you are denying yourself? Something that is calling out to you to be in your life. What might this thing be calling you to do? Whom might this thing be calling you to become? How does that relate to your business?

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