If You Have a Dream, Take it and Run

Dreams have a way of making us rethink our life sometimes. Other times, they make us sad, mad, or just shake our heads because sometimes we have ridiculous dreams. Like me actually getting to kiss Luke Bryan. Ridiculous but I wish it’d happen.

In saying that though, dreams can be so inspiring. To me, since I’m a Pentecostal, I believe that God gives us these good dreams to guide us on a path. Now I’m not trying to force anything for those who don’t believe, but I do.

Dreams also mean something to me when someone—who I don’t usually dream about; i.e. a crush that I just developed, a family member I’m not close with—pops up in a dream. Like I need to call that person, or I really like that guy, or I miss that person.

Follow your heart. If you have a dream, take it and run. You wanna sing? Sing! Wanna dance? Dance! Sure you’ll have obstacles in your way, but you’ll get there.

I had a dream about a month ago about a book idea. I wrote it down and I’m loving it. I’m constantly having ideas for chapters and possible endings and it’s all because of a dream.

Moral of the story, listen to your dreams. They’re most likely telling you something. And if it’s a nightmare, that usually means you have to face a fear or the devil is tormenting you and you can’t let him get away with it. It’s usually the devil, by the way. Because all bad things come from the devil.

Anyways, I hope this helped. If you think your dreams don’t mean anything, that’s your deal, but if you think they do, I hope this helps and encourages you to make something of it.