This was a question I got asked recently in terms of what we call ourselves as coaches, in other words, should we have a title?

All I can say is there are many different answers as there are unique people to these questions. It depends on so many things; who are you selling to? What do they expect? What do you want to do? What feels good for me?


In the early days I was given a title by the media and it stuck for years, in fact I have been trying I think for 7 years to shake it off. I am not good with titles; I am not good with one thing. I am so many things, more than I can ever say in one sentence and it infuriates me that people want me to. When people ask what I do, I say that I make a living out of being Sarah, because that is what I do 🙂 After a puzzled look I will then say that it depends on what day you ask me; author, speaker, coach, visionary, creator, rebel, lay in bed all day… I don’t fit well into boxes.

However, for some they love it and it works, and that is cool too.

So the answer is to first think really careful about why you think you want a title. Is it that it would excite you and make you feel alive or is it because you think you should? If it’s because you think you should, throw it out of the window; if it isn’t, work on it.