You Are Beautiful

I recently read an article by a famous UK author, and in it, she talks about how we weren’t born insecure. And how to find our security again.

The line I have stuck on loop in my head is “Sometimes we have to mother ourselves. We wouldn’t starve our baby, tell her she’s worthless, or anything like that.” I had never thought of it that way, because like I mentioned, I struggle with an eating disorder, but when I read that, I try to do better.

I’ll put the link or something at the end of this, but this article left me almost in tears because the message was so powerful. Girls, we have to stop doubting ourselves. God made our bodies for a reason. And while I know the struggles of trying to fit in and look perfect, none of us are perfect.

We have the ability to tell ourselves that we’re beautiful and anyone who says different is still struggling with their insecurities. I really encourage all girls to read this blog because it’s just so inspiring and this woman hit the nail on the head multiple times.

Some of us don’t have parents or someone who cares. Others do, and try but it’s hard to change our minds.

The author gives advice on how to get through each day and talks about panic and anxiety attacks and how the thoughts you have while you have them are lies.

You are a strong, independent, beautiful, smart woman. Maybe not a woman if you’re 14, but you get my point. Everyone who tells you that you’re ugly, stupid, fat, weak—that’s how they feel about themselves. Even if they say, “I know I’m beautiful,” no they don’t. They really don’t.

Just try—I know it’s hard—but try to remember that next time when you feel like taking a razor to your wrist, or you want to eat the whole pantry, or eat nothing at all. Just any time you find yourself in that state of mind that “I’m not worth it”—you are.

Go read the article It’ll make you feel better!