Ditch the Forms and Just Be!

I get asked by other coaches which forms and tools I use with young people. I look at them, think about it and tell them that I use none – which is the truth. I have never ever used a prepared form with a young person, partly because it really doesn’t fit the creative way I work and partly because I don’t think they really work. You see, for me coaching is about the relationship, the connection you have with the client and not about a piece of paper.  I think we rely on forms when we don’t feel so confident about our ability to effect change. If we concentrated on the relationship more than the forms, we would be fine, I promise you.

Sometimes I create a  process with the young people while we are there, with my faithful pen and flip chart, which work well because the young person has helped me create it.

When you go in with a form you go in with an agenda, with an idea of where the conversation will go and no one likes to be played like that, do they?

Would love your thoughts 🙂