So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way…

I can safely say, majority of us didn’t like Ross from Friends. He was weird and irritating at times, but I’ve come up with 10 different times you couldn’t help but be on his side.

1. When Ross decided to be apart of Ben’s life—because he didn’t have to be. He could’ve used the logic that Ben would’ve had 2 parents with Carol and Susan, and ducked out but he stayed and was apart of Ben’s life.

2. When Ross encouraged Carol to marry Susan—because him and Susan didn’t get along and he could’ve let Carol just not marry Susan, but he encouraged her to be happy and to marry her, despite how he felt about her.

3. When Ross tried to ask Rachel out—there were so many attempts and they were just so cute, you had to be cheering him on.

4. When Ross encouraged Joey to ask Rachel out—to me he didn’t really need to give Joey “permission” but bro code, I guess. And it was big of him to tell Joey to at least tell Rachel how he felt.

5. When Ross practically gave up his life for Emily—Emily took him saying Rachel’s name too far. She had every right to be mad, but cutting her from Ross’s life and making him move apartments, was flat out ridiculous, and we all felt so bad for Ross and he’d tried so hard to save that marriage.

6. When Ross tried to make the appropriate tip when him, Rachel and her dad went to dinner—because Ross knew how Rachel felt about under tipping and so Ross tried to make it right, but Rachel’s dad wasn’t having it, but we commend Ross’s efforts.

7. When Ross helped Chandler marry Monica—he handled that very well and made getting married seem very small and tried to ease Chandler into it, and he just did a great job helping Chandler with his anxiety.

8. When Ross got Pheobe her first bike—like the other friends, he could’ve just felt bad for her and went on, but he actually wanted her to have that “first bike memory” and it was so sweet that it made even Chandler cry.

9. When Ross went with Rachel to see her dad when he had a heart attack—he didn’t have to go, he could’ve avoided it, but he went and didn’t do it with her because of how upset she was and didn’t want her to regret it the next day. I commended him for being that good guy we all want.

10. When Ross encouraged Rachel to go to Paris—even though he tried to keep her in New York, when he realized that Paris was what she really wanted, he told her to go. That she should be happy. And yes, he and Pheobe went and chased her down at the airport, but he still encouraged her to go and I thought that was very sweet of him.

So lemme know if I missed any moments, or anything like that. I know this isn’t my usual blog posts, but I thought this was fun. See y’all next time!