Building a coaching business

If you ask anyone the question “what does it really take to build a coaching business?” I am sure you would get an array of answers including anything from marketing, to having the right product, networking, etc.

However while all those things are important, if you asked me I would say that there are two main things; how comfortable you are living on the edge an how great you are at dealing with your own stuff. So what do I mean by that?

 Can you live on the edge?

When I was building my business, I always thought there would come a time where it felt comfortable or I felt comfortable and all was well. What I have come to realise is that this is a myth; building a coaching business is like living on the edge. Everyday doing something that scares you, everyday trusting it will all happen, everyday staring discomfort in the eyes and moving on regardless. My question that I ask new coaches all the time is, could you keep the faith and keep going, even if you only had £10 in your bank account? While this is not a situation I would recommend that is certainly the self-belief and unbridled passion you will need. I work on this everyday and is perhaps the may reason I am here while others are not.

How you wallow in your own poo?


I am going to say the word Shit here and I will say it a lot so if you don’t like that turn away now.

OK it is time to let you into a secret; are you ready? Building your business and impacting more youth requires you to do one thing consistently. This one thing isn’t complicated but it is super-hard and in my belief is the main reason most people in this industry fail. YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOUR SHIT…Building your business isn’t about the next fandangled thing, it is about you asking yourself daily what inner shit you need to deal with to become the person who has the business you want. Daily, you have to look into your own dark places, you have to scare the pants of yourself, cry, moan and MOVE ON. When things don’t go right (about 99% of the time) you have to get up and keep going…even when your heart hurts, your shit is in front of you face and you don’t think you can go any longer. This is something that I am getting convinced of; in fact, so much so I spend about 2 hours a day dealing with my own shit and moving on. I now measure the end of the week with how much shit I have dealt with, not necessary what I have achieved. Sure, you have to take action, you have to keep making offers, but mostly you have to deal with yourself. If you think it is any different you will fail, if you think it is supposed to be easy, you will fail, if you think it is supposed to be unicorns and rainbows you will fail! It is tough, it is hard and it is also amazing. Stop looking to be saved – you don’t need it, you have it; look inside wonderful ones, you have the answers. Here ended today’s sermon. So, what shit have you dealt with this week?

If you can and are willing to live on the edge and deal with your own shit when it shows up, you already have 90% of what it takes. The qualifications, the products, the website, the marketing, they all come later.